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In today’s world of very large and complex IT systems, the foundation of the database is of paramount importance. The two qualities of a successful database implementation are information integrity and performance. It makes no sense to have one without the other. To produce information in an expedient manner doesn’t matter if the information is flawed. And, if the information is sound, but takes eons to be produced, your business will be crippled. This is where our technology sits.

Database Examiner Performance Edition instantly analyzes a database schema for issues that adversely affect the performance of the database and, therefore, the applications tied to the database. Its comprehensive and complex algorithms pinpoint discrepancies and report them in a direct and comprehendible format. In most cases, Examiner will generate the SQL statements required to remediate the discovered performance issues.

This solution also indicates the integrity issues of the database schema. Our flagship product, Database Examiner Complete Edition is required to specifically identify and fix the integrity issues. DBE Software provides the Performance Edition as a demonstration of the power of schema remediation available in the Complete Edition.

Database Examiner Performance Edition analyzes and validates database schemas from Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase.

The Included Performance Diagnostics: Missing Indexes, Tables with No Clustered Indexes, Unnecessary Indexes, Unnecessary Column(s) in Index, Unnecessary CHECK Constraints, Indexes with Variable Length Columns, Tables with Too Many Indexes, Primary Keys with Too Many Columns, Indexes with Too Many Columns, Primary Key Length Too Long, Index Length Too Long, Inconsistent Default Value, Tables with Too Many Relationships.

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