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The greatest benefit of Examiner is the assurance that decisions will be based on quality information.

What can Examiner do for me?

Examiner will ensure your database schemas have integrity, consistency and comply with the relational theory. Corporate databases are one of the most valuable assets of your company. If the database schema has flaws, the information produced by the application will be flawed. You must perfect the quality of the database schemas to improve the quality of the information.

I use a modeling tool. Why do I need Examiner?

Modeling tools do not have the intelligence to ensure compliance to the relational theory. These tools are very important to help you design the data model, which is the basis for the database schema. These tools provide some validation, but only to ensure the data model is complete. Examiner, on the other hand, was built to ensure compliance to the relational theory.

I do not use a modeling tool. Can I still use Examiner?

Yes, Examiner will reverse engineer a database schema or read a set of SQL/DDL scripts. These DDL scripts can be manually created or generated by any modeling tool.

Can I manually validate my database schema?

In theory, you can. But Examiner will validate the data model and/or the schema in a fraction of the time you'll need to do it manually. Database schemas are normally large and complex. Manually validating a schema is time consuming and tedious.

My database designers are experts in relational theory. Can Examiner help them?

Yes. Every database professional can benefit from Examiner. It is an independent third party to oversee the correct design. Examiner’s knowledge base is based on relational technology and is independent of the designer’s knowledge set; every schema is validated based on the same criteria.

Are there any benefits using Examiner once development is well on its way?

Yes. If you detect errors late in the development process, it will cost more to fix them than detecting them early. But error still must be fixed. Examiner will help fix the errors no matter what the stage of development process.

Does Examiner compete with the data cleansing companies like Dataflux and Trillium Software?

No. In reality we are complementary. Database Examiner is in the Information Quality space. We ensure the quality of the database schemas. Having a quality schemas ensures that the information produced will be sound, having integrity and consistency. Data Cleansing and Data Profiling offerings are in the Data Quality space. They help ensure the quality of data about Employees, Products, Suppliers and similar types of data.

The ‘Teach Me’ facility of Examiner upgrades the knowledge base of your data modelers, designers and database staff.

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